Previous Urology Research & Education Lectures

Videos of the previous lectures are available below.  Click on the image to view the video.

Col. Dan Fulgham Discuss His Role as the Roswell Alien

Dan Fulgham Discusses Operation Bolo

Col. Dan Fulgham -His Role in the Texas City Disaster

Col. Dan Fulgham Discusses the Pueblo Incident

Col. Dan Fulgham Discusses U.S. Space Program

The 2nd Annual Dan Fulgham Memorial Dinner benefiting Urology Research and Education Foundation was held Thursday, November 8th at the Frontiers of Flight Museum.  Todd Whitthorne was honored with the Man of Action award for his dedication to educating the community about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  The event featured the popular improv group Four Day Weekend


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Dan Fulgham Memorial Dinner Nov 8

Col. Dan Fulgham - Undaunted by Danger